This page includes information on our 2017 Regional Events.  For information and rates on our 2017 National Finals event, click here.

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Hollywood Connection Dance Convention and Competition includes two days of classes on Saturday and Sunday. Classes and/or Competition may occur on Friday evening. Times are approximate. Students must be registered for the full two days of classes to be eligible for awards, scholarships and competition. Students may take the workshop classes only and would still be eligible for awards and scholarships.  Students are not required to compete.  For a sample schedule, please download the PDF forms.  Schedules will be posted one week prior to the event date.

Before Cut-Off Date                    
Full Tuition
After Cut-Off
(Teachers, Owners, Studio Managers)
$295 $315
(Asst. Teachers 16 yrs and up)
$265 $285
(Seniors 14 yrs and up)
$245 $265
(Teens 11-13 yrs)
$240 $260
(Juniors 7-10 yrs)
$220 $240
BROADWAY BABIES (Ages 5-6 yrs)
Includes free observer.
$95 $115
COMPETITION FEES Per Entry/Per Student
SOLO CHALLENGE $85 per student
DUO / TRIO $55 per student
SML GROUP (4 – 9 students) $42 per student
LRG GROUP   (10 -14 & students) $42 per student
PRODUCTION (15 & more students) $42 per student

STUDIO LOYALTY PROGRAM  If you are a returning studio from our 2016 season, please call our office for your special bonus! Teachers and studio owners only. Loyalty program does not apply to parents or independents. To receive your bonus, registrations must be completed by the cut off date which is 30 days prior to event date. One loyalty reward per 2017 regional season. Thank you for your support. Toll Free 1-877-Dance-HC.

DIRECTORS All Teachers, Studio Owners and Studio Managers may qualify for a TEACHER REWARDS based on the number of students brought to the event. To qualify for our Hollywood Connection Teacher Rewards, all participants must be pre-registered with the teacher/owner/manager on the same registration form by the REGISTRATION CUT-OFF DATE which is 30 DAYS PRIOR. NO EXCEPTIONS. Scholarship students do not apply to “TOTAL PAID STUDENTS”. PLEASE NOTE: 

Bring  1-10 Paid Students…One Teacher attends ½ tuition!
Bring 11-24 Paid Students…One Teacher attends free!
Bring 25-34 Paid Students…Two Teachers attend free!
Bring 35-44 Paid Students…Three Teachers attend free!
Bring 45+   Paid Students…Four Teachers attends free and receive two free nights at the host hotel. Please MAKE YOUR OWN RESERVATION and send us the confirmation number. (Free room nights do not apply to parents, students or assistant teachers. Free room nights cannot be redeemed for cash discounts.) Directors may dance and observe in all ballrooms, attend teacher only classes, continental breakfast on Saturday, lunch on Sunday and will receive first row seating during competition.
Bring 70 or more students…call our office for details.

ASSISTANT DIRECTORS are assistant teachers who are 16 yrs or older and would like to dance and observe in all ballrooms and attend teacher only classes. If a dancer and 16 and up and does not wish to attend teacher classes, they should register as a PRODUCER. Asst Directors may also audition for awards and scholarships in Producers Ballroom. Assistant Directors and assistant teachers are allowed to compete.

PRODUCERS, GUEST STARS, CO-STARS, SUPERSTARS In some cities, age groups may be combined. All students, registered for the convention/workshop classes, are eligible for scholarships and awards and will audition by age, regardless of what room they are dancing in.

BROADWAY BABIES For dancers 5-6 years of age, this is a great workshop to introduce dancers to the convention experience. Workshop will consist of at least three 45 minute classes in three different styles of dance which may include jazz, tap, hip hop, ballet or lyrical all with a musical theater theme! Workshop will be Saturday afternoon usually between the hours of 12pm-3pm. Times subject to change in each city. Dancers will perform their routines on stage sometime during the weekend. Each dancer receives a certificate of completion. Each dancer receives one free observer pass with their paid registration. BROADWAY BABIES is limited enrollment and in select cities only. First come first serve. Call our office if you are interested.

INDEPENDENTS Independent dancers may register for the convention and attend all classes and auditions, and are eligible for awards and scholarships. An independent dancer is one that is NOT affiliated with a dance team or studio. (For example, a dancer that attends Performing Arts High School, or studies at professional studios like Millennium, Edge, Broadway Dance Center NYC, etc). Dancers affiliated with a studio or dance team, but the team is not attending should register under the studio, not as an independent and must have permission from their studio owner they are attending under the studio name. Dancers will NOT be allowed to attend as an independent if their studio is attending the convention/competition. The dancer must register with their studio. Studio routines will be accommodated first. However, if the maximum amount of entries is not reached and time permits, independent competition entries will be accepted. Please register your competition routines and we will notify you if we cannot accommodate your entries. Your competition fees will be returned to you.

OBSERVERS are allowed with paid students only. No teachers, studio owners or studio managers. Observers may observe in ballroom except for teachers classes and auditions.

REGISTRATIONS are non refundable. No exceptions. ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST SIGN A RELEASE FORM. Please register online at

EMAIL CONFIRMATION A confirmation, receipt and welcome letter will be emailed, once payment is received. Please bring the email confirmation and picture ID with you to the convention to pick up your wristbands.   Any questions about your registration, please contact our office at 1-877 DANCE HC or email

CHAPERONES 21 and older are required for all participants who are attending the event. Chaperones are responsible for dancers at all times. HOLLYWOOD CONNECTION IS NOT REPSONSIBLE FOR THE SUPERVISION OF DANCERS. Please respect the privacy of hotel guests and hotel property. For your safety, please wear shoes at all times during the event and dancers should wear cover-ups when leaving the ballrooms. Hollywood Connection is not responsible for injuries sustained if participants are dancing barefoot. Dancers assume all risk when dancing barefoot.

MULTIPLE CITY DISCOUNTS All teachers and studio owners attend second city for FREE. Call our office for details on student discounts for multiple cities!!!

CLASSES Faculty and Classes will vary from city to city. Classes may include tap, traditional jazz, contemporary jazz, lyrical, jazz funk, hip hop, musical theater and progressions.

SPECIAL CLASSES AGENT & PARENT TALK with Bill Bohl, owner and talent agent of The Movement Talent Agency representing dancers for film, tv, commercials, music videos, live stage, Broadway and more. This class is open to all parents and teachers who have questions about the entertainment industry. Take a FAMILY DANCE CLASS in select cities, with a member of the HC faculty for parents and family members 16 and up. Have fun with other parents and discover the joy of dancing again!

AUDITIONING 101 class with Bill Bohl for Producers only. This class will take place during the Producer scholarship audition. Bill will explain what a panel looks for during an audition, and offer advice and industry tips so dancers can improve their audition technique and get better results.

TEACHER ONLY BUSINESS CLASSES Hollywood Connection prides itself on bringing you business classes and seminars to keep your business moving forward. Classes in marketing, advertising, budgets, organizing recitals, curriculum and technique are just some of the topics discussed! Business classes are for all registered studio owners, teachers and assistant teachers.

AUDITIONS, SCHOLARSHIPS AND PROFESSIONAL OPPORTUNITIES Scholarships will be awarded in each level Superstar, Co Star, Guest Star and Producer.

  • Only registered studio owners and teachers in audition room. NO OBSERVERS.
  • Students must be registered for the convention to audition for scholarships and awards.
  • Dance combination for the audition will be taught on Saturday during classes. Audition will be on Sunday.
  • There are no eliminations and no callbacks.
  • Participant must be registered and attend both days of classes to be eligible for awards and scholarships.
  • Award winners will be announced at the wrap party.
  • Participants are eligible for one scholarship during each season, even if they attend multiple cities.
  • Audition in the room you are dancing in.

COMPETITION Studios may bring 25 entries in each city. Studios may bring additional entries, including solos, if maximum amount of entries is not reached by cut off date and/or if time permits. Please call our office if you would like to bring additional routines as soon as possible. Independent solos will be allowed if maximum is not reached by cut off date. Studio solos will be honored before Independent solos. In some cities competition will occur on FRIDAY night. Schedules will be posted online.  Please download the complete competition rules and regulations for more information.

AGE DIVISIONS SUPER STARS: Ages 7-8.99 CO STARS: Ages 9-10.99 GUEST STARS: Ages 11-13.99 PRODUCERS: Ages 14 & up
All ages are as of competition date. Our online system will calculate the average for you. To determine the age group of an entry, calculate the average age of the performers. If more than half of the performers are of a higher age division, the group WILL be entered in the higher age division, regardless of the calculated average age.

Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Musical Theater, Contemporary, Open
Jazz: Jazz technique to up tempo music.
Tap: Tap Technique.
Ballet: Ballet or Pointe technique.
Lyrical: A combination of JAZZ and BALLET techniques, primarily slow music with interpretive, emotional elements.
Hip-Hop: Hip-hop technique.
Musical Theater: Primarily Broadway or musical theater style, including but not limited to jazz, tap, lip syncing, character development and story telling.
Contemporary: A combination of jazz styles, based primarily in MODERN technique, that doesn’t fit in a “traditional jazz” or “lyrical” category.
Open: Anything that doesn’t fit one of the above categories. Open can include but is not limited ethnic or cultural dance, acrobatic or a combination of many styles in one routine. Performances should enter the category that reflects the style of routine. If your routine does not fall into of one of the seven categories above, please enter it in the Open category. If a routine has more than 3 tumbling passes, enter it in the Open category. Tumbling occurring simultaneously / continuously is considered (1) pass. Judges may place a routine into another category if they feel it is incorrectly placed.

Solo: 2 minutes, 45 seconds
Duo/Trio: 2 minutes, 45 seconds
Small Group: 3 minutes
Large Group: 4 minutes
Production: 5 minutes
There is no minimum length for an entry. A five-point deduction will be taken from the averaged score for entries over the time limit without an “extended time” fee. Timing will begin at the start of the music. A three second cushion will be provided. Please exit the stage promptly.

ENTRIES The competition is closed when the 125 total entries is reached per night. EARLY REGISTRATION IS RECOMMENDED. Competition cut-off may occur before deadline if maximum number of entries is reached. In some cities, competition will occur on FRIDAY NIGHT, in which more than 125 routines will be accommodated. Competition entries are limited to twenty five (25) per studio. Please call our office if you would like to bring additional routines as soon as possible. After the competition cut -off date, if the maximum number of entries is not reached, Hollywood Connection will accept additional solo and group entries from each studio if time permits. Studios will have priority above independent entries. If you have more than one studio location (separate location and different address), you may enter up to twenty five (25) entries per location. A studio is allowed to enter a maximum of 2 locations. Registration must be done separately for each location. If a student is currently enrolled with a studio, and the studio is attending the event, the student must register with the studio and NOT as an independent.

SOLOS The regional solo challenge is a non-qualifying event. All dancers may enter solos at the national competition without pre-qualifying. Regional solos will receive a pins based on score and a trophy based on placement, but are NOT eligible for high point or cash awards. Independent solos will be permitted after all studio entries have been accepted. Independents will be allowed to compete only if the maximum amount of entries is not reached and time permits. Independents should register all solo(s) and HC will notify you if we cannot accommodate your entries. Your competition fees will be returned to you.

DOUBLE TAKE Each studio will be allowed to double their qualified routines at Nationals. For instance, if you bring 15 routines to a regional event, you may bring 30 routines to Nationals. (of equal or lesser value) All routines must pay the national entry fees, but no PRE QUALIFICATION is required for any new routines.

STUDIO CHOREOGRAPHY AWARD HC will honor choreography created by teachers or assistant teachers currently on staff at your studio. Each studio will be allowed to submit ONE routine to be considered for this special honor. We suggest selecting a routine choreographed by a teacher or assistant teacher that will attend the event. No additional fees apply. Commissioned choreography by professional choreographers or convention teachers brought in from outside the studio will not be considered. We want to honor YOU, the teachers for a job well done. All studio entries submitted will be considered, and one routine will be selected to receive a special award plaque.

MUSIC UPLOADS Please upload all of your music when you register your routines or prior to the competition, and check your files for accuracy. Please bring CD as back up. Please include the Track #, Title of the Music, Studio Name, Teacher Name on your cd’s. ALL MUSIC MUST UPLOADED DURING REGISTRATION.

STAGE 30’ Depth x 40′ Width. Size of stage may vary in each regional city. Maximum 70 dancers permitted on stage at one time. Please instruct your dancers NOT to jump off the stage. There will be a set of stairs on each side upstage. There will also be a backstage crossover (behind the backdrop). Dancers may enter from either side.

PROPS Use of props is permitted but must be moved on and off the stage by performers or designated stage hands/studio helpers. If there is a safety concern with props, please see a member of the HC Staff. No scenery please. Please move props on and off stage in timely manner. PROPS MAY NOT BE STORED IN HALLWAYS OR PUBLIC AREAS OF THE HOTEL OR CONVENTION CENTER. THIS IS A FIRE HAZARD. Upon completion of your routine, please remove your props from the stage area and return them to your room or vehicle. In some cities, props may be placed backstage or in a holding room, but is not guaranteed. Please plan to pack your props after completing your routines. HC cannot be held responsible for the loss or damage to props. Props are the sole responsibility of the studio.


  • To perform in the competition, all participants must be registered for the convention.
  • Competitors may not mark or rehearse in theater or hallways during the competition.
  • Talking, lip sync, and singing are acceptable but mics will not be provided.
  • Three (3) tumbling passes are acceptable in an entry. If a routine has more than three (3) tumbling passes, it must be entered in the Open category. Tumbling occurring continuously is considered 1 pass.
  • No tumbling passes in tap category.
  • Flips/twists greater than one rotation are prohibited.
  • General lifts are acceptable.
  • Teachers/Studio Owners may not perform with students. Assistant teachers may perform with students.


  • Competition entries must be postmarked 30 days before the convention.
  • The cut off date for changes to entries is three weeks prior to competition.
  • Misrepresentation of ages on entry forms will result in disqualification.
  • Teacher/Owners must provide copies of birth certificates upon request. DO NOT MAIL BIRTH CERTIFICATES.
  • Judges may stop a number in progress and ask for it to be repeated.
  • There are no refunds.
  • Entries that win 1st place and cash awards may not place at another Hollywood Connection regional competition for the season. However, routines can perform for critique and medal only, but not place, if performing in a second regional city.
  • Judges’ score and critiques are confidential and will be uploaded into the online account created at registration.
  • All music, choreography and costumes must be appropriate for family viewing. Inappropriate routines may be penalized, disqualified or stopped at the sole discretion of the competition director and/or panel of judges of Hollywood Connection.
  • Photography or videotaping in dressing rooms is strictly prohibited.
  • There will be reserved seating for all teachers during competition.
  • No videotaping. For the safety of the performers, flash photography is not permitted during the competition.


  • Solo’s are not eligible for overall high point and cash awards.
  • The competition schedule will be listed by age, category and division. Due to the nature of competition, we may go out of the scheduled order.
  • All performers must be in the dressing room 45 minutes prior to the start of each competition for general announcements.
  • We will announce numbers on deck. If your number is “on deck” please report to the holding area.
  • Each studio may have designated dressers for competition.
  • Deductions or disqualification may occur for misconduct backstage or in dressing rooms. It is important to respect fellow artists, dressers, parents, helpers and assistants. Our assistants will inform us of any misconduct.

SCORING SYSTEM Titanium=98-100 Platinum=95-97.99 Gold 90-94.99 Silver 80-89.99 Bronze 79.99 or less All dancers receive a pin based on their average score. The top three scores in each age division and category will receive 1st, 2nd and 3rd place trophies. If there are less than two entries in a category, entry will compete against the point system to determine placement.

All rules and regulations are subject to change.

revised 4_25_16

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