The Top 4 dancers of Season 12 SYTYCD!

Hollywood Connection assistant Hailee Payne makes the SYTYCD Finale!

She did it. Hailee Payne made the top 4 of SYTYCD and will be in the Finale.  We are so proud of Hailee for reaching the top 4, but more importantly so impressed how she has pushed herself to new levels in her dancing both physically and emotionally.  This is a girl that never settles, never gives up.  You ask for one more inch, she gives you three.  Hailee is a force to be reckoned with.  This girl is going places.

The showstopper routine of the night went to Hailee and Megz!

We’ve been waiting for this match up all season and it did not disappoint.  Hailee and Megan Megz Alfonso were dynamic together and left a lasting impression.  Their connection to each other and the material was spellbinding.  We are sorry to see Megz leave the competition, but she has grown leaps and bounds since joining the show.  Such a talent.  Can’t wait to see Megz on the SYTYCD tour.

Bring The Payne has a whole new meaning.

“This week I get to be the angel of death reincarnated as, like, a crow.”  Yes, Hailee….you killed the routine with Robert Roldan and you did Bring The Payne…or Pain,  depending how you look at it.  That kiss almost got an TV-MA rating from the TV Parental Guidelines Association!!! Nevertheless, she once again connected with her partner and the audience and left us wanting more.

Who will be America’s Favorite Dancer?

It’s hard to see anyone leave the show at this level.  Both Megz and Jim Nowakowski delivered solos that were impeccable and true to their spirit!  However, the show must go on and it’s down to four dancers Hailee and Gaby from Team Stage and Virgil and Jaja from Team Street?  We congratulate all of them making it this far.  But our vote goes to our assistant Hailee Payne.  As Paula Abdul said, Hailee is the perfect blend of “Finesse and Fury”.  We couldn’t agree more.

Remember, votes from last week and this coming week will be tallied together!   PLEASE VOTE!!!

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Hailee Payne and Robert Roldan end with a bang!
Hailee Payne performs a solo routine SYTYCD
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