Technique Tuesdays: Auditions

  Auditions! Love ’em or hate ’em, they are a necessity in the dance world if a dancer wants to increase their opportunities and advance in the industry. But what can a dancer do to improve their audition experience? In this audition series, we will give you some tips to work on at your next…


Technique Tuesdays: Be Professional

  Let’s talk the business side of dance. We train our whole lives to get the perfect leap and beautiful extension. However, before you get the job, you must go through the audition process. Here are some tools you will need to start your audition off right!   Invest in a Professional Headshot and Resume…


Technique Tuesdays: Tips for Lip Syncing

There are all kinds of opinions about lip syncing. At Hollywood Connection, we love a great musical theater routine. And what makes a good routine great, technique being equal, is commitment to emotional life of the character. There is no rule that a dancer must lip sync a musical theater solo. However, if you decide…


Three fun exercises for Spotting with Kristin McQuaid

Hollywood Connection Dance Convention and Competition Faculty and Judge Kristin McQuaid shares three fun exercises for SPOTTING! CONNECT WITH KRISTIN Facebook: Kristin McQuaid Instagram: Kristin_McQuaid  Twitter: Kristin_McQuaid  Website:   Reverse Counting 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. I am a firm believer that turning is a mind game and dancers tend to get frustrated or…


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