Let’s talk the business side of dance. We train our whole lives to get the perfect leap and beautiful extension. However, before you get the job, you must go through the audition process. Here are some tools you will need to start your audition off right!


Invest in a Professional Headshot and Resume

Your photo is your business card and it’s how people will keep in touch with you. So invest some money into professional headshots.  Make sure the photo looks like you. If you cut or color your hair, make sure your photo represents the “current” version of you!

A resume should be neat and well organized. You should never lie on your resume. Resumes should only have your agent contact information or your phone number and email, never an address and never your social security number or other personal information.  It takes time to build a resume, so if you just start with a few credits, it’s OK.

Be On Time.

 If you can’t show up on time for an audition, how can a choreographer rely on you when you are supposed to be on set at 5am? Everything you do at an audition says something about you. You have a choice. Be late and make a scene OR arrive 30 minutes early, be warmed up and ready to dance. Think about it. Who would you hire? Remember, you want to get noticed for ALL THE RIGHT REASONS, not the wrong ones!!!


Listen to Directions and Apply All Notes.

Choreographers give notes for a variety of reasons, but sometimes they do it to see who is listening and who can make the adjustments on the spot. Things happen very quickly on a set and choreographers want to hire dancers that can take direction.   Pay attention.  Listen.  And don’t forget to smile!


Dress The Part.

A casting notice will give you the style of dress for the auditions including hair and make up. For instance a “leotard and tan tights, or body conscious fitness attire, hair down, make up fresh and clean”. You don’t have to buy a new outfit every time you audition. Chances are you have everything you need in your own closet or you can borrow from a friend. Once again, dressing the part shows you paid attention to detail and followed directions, before the audition and dancing begins.


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