Recital Etiquette

Recital season is here!  Below are some simple guidelines for attending any theatrical event.

Recitals are in theaters, not sports arenas. Dress for the theater and act appropriately. This is not a sporting event and we are not rooting for our favorite player.  These are children excited to show us what they have learned. They ALL deserve our respect.  

The teachers have put a lot of time into the production, the kids have worked repetitively and devoted hours to rehearse their routines. Let’s ensure they have the best end of year experience possible!  

Turn Off Cell Phones

This means cell phone video too. The ambient theater noise (laughter, baby cries, coughs) and shaky-at-best hand held video skills will never replace a professional videographer with a tripod with a direct sound feed. In addition, the person behind you would like to watch their child without the glare of a cell phone light in their face.  Enjoy the recital and be in the moment. Parents of dancers in the show should keep their phones on silent, just in case a teacher has to get a hold of you.  Otherwise, TURN OFF YOUR CELL PHONES AND ENJOY THE SHOW!!!

Get To The Theater Early

Take your seats before the show starts.  If you are late, enter the theater and take your seats between numbers.  At a recent event, three people made their way to their seats, which were in the front row, during a routine! Please don’t do this. It’s a distraction for the performers and the audience.  ARRIVE EARLY.  DON’T BE LATE.

Stay Until The End Of The Show

We all have things to do. But what happens if you leave after your child is done? And so do five other people?  And after the next routine, five more leave. How would you like it if your child was the last routine of the night and she performed in front of a half empty theater? How very sad for those children.  There is nothing like taking that final bow at the end of the show with your studio and your teachers. A dancer feels a strong sense of accomplishment standing on the stage with her dance friends! Let’s not rob our children of that full circle moment.  STAY UNTIL THE END OF THE SHOW.   

Applaud For Every Routine

The child in the ballet routine worked just as hard as the child in the fun, upbeat, hip hop routine that happens to be the #1 song on Disney channel that everyone loves. Show your love for all routines.

On this note, do not whistle or yell for your child.  They have worked hard all year to learn their routines and perform them on a professional stage. They need to focus on their choreography and performance. The big stage, large audience, loud sound and bright lights are enough distraction. Children do not need to hear their parents yell “I love you Suzi” during their routine. This can quickly spiral out of control for your child.  Not only does your child lose their concentration, now other parents feel the need to call their child’s name too.  The best thing you can do for any routine is give them lots of applause.  APPLAUD EVERYONE. They deserve it.

Thank Your Dance Teachers

You get to the see the seamless final product of the recital. What you don’t see are all the hours put into everything else including the recital themes, editing music, choosing costumes, creating choreography, signing contracts with the facility, lighting rehearsals, the show order, printing programs, building props, the list goes on and on…..Teachers do not get paid for all those hours creating the best show experience for your child. THANK YOUR DANCE TEACHERS. It goes along way.

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