Perfect Pirouettes

We always strive to achieve as many rotations as possible in a pirouette… but what’s really important is the quality of the pirouette! Here are Ben Bigler’s SIX RULES to the perfect QUALITY pirouette.

Pretty Preps

Make sure you really give your weight into the floor… I choose to put 70% off my weight into my leading foot and then the other 30% into my back foot. That technique allows enough force to push off of the back foot and also allows me to maintain my center.

Think Up and Think Down

Think that the top of your head is being pulled by a string and the bottom foot is being pulled into the core of the earth during your pirouette. That feeling of being pulled both directions is crucial to a solid, sturdy set of rotations.

Core, Core, Core

This is the most important rule… YOUR CORE HAS TO BE ENGAGED connecting itself to your arms and legs.

Spot Like It’s Hot

A quick spot will ensure a limitless amount of quick rotations.

Fabulous Firsts

Ensure that your arms are placed in a fabulous first position by engaging the latissimus dorsi in the upper back to provide a solid shelf for the arms to rest on. That will ensure that your shoulders stay down and arms are STRONG AND SOLID!!!! Also, try to imagine you are holding a beach ball to maintain a perfect circular shape in the arms without droopy elbows or wrists.


No one wants to see you break character in your pirouette! AND IT’S SUPER FUN SO WHY WOULDN’T YOU SMILE??!!

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