Congratulations to Hollywood Connection faculty Kristin McQuaid for her solo choreography featured on So You Think You Can Dance with Hailee Payne.

Congratulations to Kristin McQuaid who choreographed this dynamic solo on SYTYCD for Hollywood Connection assistant, Hailee Payne. Kristin’s choreography is powerful and picturesque, with beautiful jazz lines not often captured in the current choreography trends. Kristin combines it all into the perfect package of a solo and we are so proud to have her on faculty for Hollywood Connection.

Kristin was also named Hollywood Connection’s ICON Teacher Of The Year, when her student Elijah Lancaster of Prestige Dance Company, took home the award for male Icon of the Year.

Kristin’s technical background, diverse choreography and awesome sense of humor, translates into her classes, making dancers feel welcome and encourages them to let go of their inhibitions and go for it! It’s no wonder Kristin is loved by all that work with her. She is truly a kid at heart!


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