Kristin McQuaid rocks choreography on SYTYCD for third week in a row!

For the third straight week, Kristen McQuaid, rocked Hailee Payne’s solos on SYTYCD. Watch her choreography below!

In the Top 8 episode, Hailee Payne, was shockingly put in the bottom three dancers of Team Stage. It’s hard to believe that a dancer with Hailee’s talent, charisma and charm could be in the bottom on SYTYCD.  Nevertheless, she had to perform a solo knowing she was at the bottom, but it certainly didn’t hold her back!!  Kristin McQuaid’s choreography showcased Hailee’s power and diverse style and Hailee was on fire!

If you attended our 2015 Hollywood Connection National Finals this past July, you may have recognized Hailee’s solo from the Top 6 Episode.  That’s because Kristin taught this routine to the senior dancers!  It was great to see Kristin McQuaid’s choreography transition from the classroom to the stage and Hailee executed it perfectly. 

Kristin McQuaid’s unconventional teaching method

Kristin says that Hailee is the hardest working dancer she has ever worked with.  And did you know, Kristin and Hailee have a very unique working relationship to say the least. Kristin sends the choreography to Hailee via email.  They don’t even get in-person rehearsal time.  They send videos back and forth with notes and corrections until they both feel they have the perfect product for the show.  How’s that for work ethic?

We are so proud that our Hollywood Connection faculty have been featured on the show this year and thrilled the dreamteam of Hailee Payne and Kristin McQuaid were showcased to such a large audience on SYTYCD.

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To find out what Hollywood Connection cities Kristin McQuaid will be teaching in next year, click here.

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Kristin McQuaid and Hailee's mom Sharla SYTYCD

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