KRAZE: A new clothing line by Kristin McQuaid

What is “KraZe”?
I wanted to start a line that represents my personality and my dance classes. If you know me I am a very high energy, spunky, crazy person. The definition of KraZe is crazy and fresh! So I knew the name would be a perfect fit for my line.

What is your goal/mission for this clothing line?
I want people to feel they can express who they are with the clothes they wear. I feel my line lets you be you. Clothing speaks volumes and I want to improve the minds of those that feel trapped.

What are your designs inspired by?
Stars! Everyone tries to “Fit in” and my line is all about standing out and not trying to be like everyone else. Be you. Star in your own reality!  I would describe my line as Dark with a splash of Spunk.

For whom are your products intended for?
My products are for all ages and all sizes! I have tanks, tee’s, jackets, pants, socks, hats, and more! Ranging in sizes child small-adult extra large.

Will you be sporting your products at all the HC events?
Of course! My line is clothes you can wear out and also dance in! Its all about being stylish and comfy at the same time! I hope you enjoy the KraZe.

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Kraze by Kristin

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