Spotlight on Kayla Bowlin

Kayla Bowlin started dancing when she was four years old at Centerstage Dance Company owned by Cheryl Moeller. When she was 13 years old, she also started dancing at S & R Dance Studio under the direction of Nikki Spinden-Meagher. She performed on two competition teams and trained at both studios until she moved to Los Angeles this past August. Now that’s dedication!!!

As soon as she arrived, she secured a job working nights and weekends to allow her to keep her days open for training and auditions. Even though Kayla was ready to move to Los Angeles, straight out of high school, she chose to invest two years at home to work really hard and save money to be financially stable once she got to the city. Classes are expensive and she didn’t want the stress of living check to check. On top of this, she is a backstage assistant at Celebration Talent Competition which also supplements her income.

The training never ends…

She takes class every week at Edge Performing Arts Center or The Millennium Dance Complex. Although Kayla is very strong technically in ballet, jazz, tap and contemporary, she is focusing on her hip hop and jazz funk skills so she can challenge herself and be ready for anything.

The Next Steps…

Kayla met with her agents at The Movement Talent Agency and she booked a photo shoot and got her first professional head shots! She has several different looks to choose from depending on the job. A natural headshot, something a little edgier and a beauty/body shot! She is ready to start auditioning!

Dance Competitions vs Real Auditions

We asked Kayla what she thinks will be the biggest challenge getting started in the business. She had a great perspective. “In the competition world, there is a strong support system with your teammates and teachers. A dancer builds confidence with winning and being recognized with awards. When I competed, teachers, choreographers and judges got to know my work. Being in Los Angeles, I am one of many. “ she said. “It’s not like I’m walking around with a platinum medal around my neck. I know it will take a while to get my name out there and build a reputation of a hard working dancer, but I prepared for that!”

The Dream Job

“I would love to work for Disney, but I’m keeping my options open.” She says. What a great attitude to have. Many dancers come to Los Angeles with a specific type of job in mind, and they miss opportunities waiting for that “dream job” to come along. Being ready for anything will allow many opportunities and doors to open.  You never know what direction your career will take.

We’ve watched Kayla Bowlin grow up in conventions and she has had amazing training with her studios Centerstage and S & R Dance. We can’t wait to see what’s next for this talented and beautiful young lady!

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