Congratulations to Hollywood Connection faculty Jaci Royal for her recent work on So You Think You Can Dance with Team Stage.

Jaci Royal‘s choreography was powerful and mesmerizing, proving once again why she is a force to be reckoned with. Jaci is continuously pushing the boundaries of movement, which she demonstrated so superbly on SYTYCD. In addition, Jaci is also the artistic director of Royal Flux, a contemporary based dance company, which recently performed at the El Portal Theater in Los Angeles to rave reviews.

The show set new standards in dance with Jaci’s mind bending choreography and athletic dancers that literally defied gravity. Jaci encourages dancers to connect with the music, explore the self, and awaken the imagination. Her sweet disposition, professionalism, caring instruction and dynamic movement is why she is one of America’s most in demand dance choreographers!

To find out which cities Jaci Royal will be in, click here.

Jaci Royal
Jaci Royal - So You Think You Can Dance Gallery

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