Teri Mangiaratti is the owner and artistic director of In Sync Center of the Arts, Inc. in Quincy, Massachusetts. In Sync opened in 1996 in Weymouth, MA with only 30 students, added another location in Milton, MA in 1997, and then merged both studios into the current 8,000 square foot Quincy location in 2009. In Sync currently teaches over 1,200 students weekly in various dance, toddler, music, theater, and art programs and encompasses a staff of over 30 employees. As the mother of two young boys, Teri works hard at maintaining the balance of family life, creative artist, and business owner.

An active speaker at the DanceLife Retreat Center, DanceLife Teacher Conference and upcoming IDEA Conference, Teri is passionate about sharing her journey and helping fellow studio owners achieve their optimal success.  The most important mission of her studio is to provide a safe place for children to explore their creativity and reach their greatest potential while being surrounded by positive role models and the love that allows them to achieve that goal. The most important mission of her life is to be the best mom she can possibly be while running a successful business and living the example that both things are possible by paving your own path.

“I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share my experience and motivate the dance educators at Hollywood Dance Connection. I am looking forward to meeting more fascinating people who share the same passion I do!”

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