Rhee Gold is the publisher of Dance Studio Life magazine and the author of The Complete Guide to Teaching Dance: An Insider’s Secrets to Personal Reward and Financial Success, now in its second printing. The book has received rave reviews from thousands of teachers, school owners, universities and dance organizations. It is utilized within the curriculum at college and university dance programs throughout the country.

As the dance field’s first motivational speaker, he has traveled the world presenting motivational and business seminars, as well as keynote addresses for conferences and conventions. He is the director of the DanceLife Teacher Conference and the new DanceLife Retreat Center. Gold has served as the national president of Dance Masters of America; president of Dance Masters of New England; founding chair of UNITY; honorary member of the Dance Teachers Club of Boston; board member of the United Dance Merchants of America, and currently serves on the board of the Andréa Rizzo Foundation.

His philosophies for the classroom, inspiring students, successful studio ownership and respect for all dance teachers, along with his unmatched passion for the field have changed the way thousands of teachers and school owners perceive their profession.

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