With nothing but passion and talent, Kennis Marquis left his hometown of St. Louis, Missouri in a van full of his close friends, and drove to Los Angeles to make his mark in the dance scene.  Mr Marquis slowly built his credibility through tough work and determination.  He had a calling and nothing would stop Mr Marquis from following his dreams to be an elite choreographer in the big city of Hollywood.

His first big break came when he met LaurieannGibson, star of E!’s “The Dance Scene” and BET’s “Born To Dance,” and assisted her on the movie ‘Honey’ starring Jessica Alba. Upon completing the movie, he developed his own spot as a unique choreographer and began working with a multitude of artists. Loaded with a style all his own, Mr Marquis began to climb the ladder in choreography working with artists such as Britney Spears, P. Diddy, LL Cool J, and Ludacris.

With world tours and music videos now in his arsenal, it was time for him to begin to reach a world wide audience through television.  Choreographing his way through Oxygen’s “Dance Your Ass Off” as an assistant choreographer was merely the prelude to his run in television choreography. 2-stepping his way through the Espy Awards with LeBron James led to jobs on ABC’s “Dance Machine,” a choreographer/judging position on Ukraine’s “So You Think Can Dance,” and a position as supervising choreographer on the second season of MTV’s “Taking the Stage.” His next venture took the dance community by storm when his creativity took shape in the form of video games: choreographing for UBISOFT’s “Just Dance” and “The Smurfs Dance Party” video games for the Wii consol.

With uninhibited creativity and a unique style, the future will only get brighter for a man who has choreographed world tours, TV shows, music videos, award shows, and video games.

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