As a pioneer of change herself, Emily has taken her experiences both successes and failures as an entrepreneur, speaker, and coach to empower individuals to unleash their potential to pioneer radical change. Leaders, entrepreneurs, families and students from multiple back rounds and in locations around the world have joined in Emily’s mission to first impact the lives of others and in turn impacting their own.

Born a creative, Emily found her passion for dance at the young age of 2, in small town rural Illinois. Overcoming physical limitations at a young age she realized the fruits of her labor. Hard work consistently over a period of time creates massive improvement. This is the work that moves mountains. She has committed her life to passing on her life philosophy to reach into the hearts of others to find where their true passions lie equipping them encouragement to take the leap of faith. Adversity became her victory and the same goes for you!

As a person who seeks hard after self improvement in her own life, Emily relates to anyone struggling and longing to live their life with purpose. She personally has transformed her own life knowing what it is like to burn both ends of the candle only to feel left empty handed and broken.

Emily consistently looks for ways to give and get others involved. The team she has surrounded herself with makes it possible to have balance in her life as a wife, mother of 4, visionary leader, community ambassador, multi business owner, opportunity creator and most importantly servant of Christ.