Aaron was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan where he began his dance training at the age of 11. After graduating high school, Aaron moved to Los Angeles California to pursue his professional dance career after being signed with The Movement Talent Agency. Since living in LA, Aaron has danced with artists such as Paula Abdul, Kid Rock, and Nickelback, Jesse McCartney  and performed in shows such as The World Dance Awards, Billy Elliot, Art 4 Life, and the Nuskin Global Convention, as well as touring internationally with  Barbie LIVE! the musical. Aaron recently joined Royal Flux Dance Company where he performed in multiple showcases with Jaci Royal as the artistic director. He also is touring nationally as a professional assistant for Hollywood Connection Dance Convention. He most recently became apart of Odyssey Dance Theatre, professional dance company based out of Utah wheee he toured the state for a month an a half. Aaron is eager to continue to share his love and passion for dance around the world and hopes to inspire young kids to be patient with yourself, work hard, and to dance because you love it!

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