Ryan Sadowsky Books Air Hogs Commercial.

We met Ryan Sadowsky a few years ago at Hollywood Connection when he attended our Phoenix convention and competition with his studio Danswest in Tucson, AZ under the direction of Megan Maltos.  Ryan was always a stand out because of his sweet disposition and his eagerness to learn.  He had a little work to do on his technique, but we could see the effort and determination in the young dancer.  Now, just a few years later and a lot of hard work, Ryan has signed with The Movement Talent Agency and booked his first commercial.  Find out how he did it.

How did you sign with The Movement Talent Agency?

Ryan: In 2014, I auditioned for the Fame Award but I didn’t get representation that year.  I was disappointed but I knew if I worked hard, something good would come of it.  So I went back to the studio, and I put 100% in all my classes and all the styles.  I wanted an agent in LA so bad.  And all my teachers at Danswest helped me so much.

At the 2015 Hollywood Connection National Finals, I audition again for the Fame Award.  At the banquet, they announced my name and I was chosen to be signed to the agency.  From there, I had a lot of work to do.  I had to set up my Coogan Account, get headshots, get a work a permit and put together a resume.   I’ve been on ten auditions and had two callbacks and then I booked Air Hogs.  I have a great acting coach and we face time when I have auditions and he helps me a lot.

Tell us about your first commercial with The Movement Talent Agency?

Ryan: I booked an Air Hogs commercial and we filmed for two days.  The first day of shooting was in a studio and the second day was in the park.  My character was a kid with a friend and we were in a pretend battle with the toy.  In the commercial, you think our characters are in a space station, but then it cuts to reality and we are just playing in the park.

What is Air Hogs?

Ryan: The toy in the commercial is a remote control hover blade.

Did you get to fly the hover blade in the commercial?

Ryan: Yes and no.  Sometimes I was flying and sometimes there was toy expert flying it for us.

Was that a surprise that there was a toy expert on the set with you?

Ryan: Yes, it was a surprise but he was super nice and he directed me how to play with the toy.

Was there any dancing in the commercial?

Ryan: It was mainly acting but they had me dance with the plane. I did jumps over it, dodged it, spun around it.

What was the audition like?

Ryan: At the first audition, they had me do the “Matrix” move and then I had to pretend to play with the hover blade (but there was no toy at the first audition). At the call back, we got to play with the toy.  I had to act really cool and then be excited about the toy.  Then I did the improv with the toy.  After I booked it, I did a behind the scenes look at the toy.  I was playing around with the toy and did a trick with the it during my improv and they started calling the trick “under the bridge”.  And they decided to put it on the internet and encourage kids to post their videos too.

Do you practice improv at Danswest?

Ryan: Yes, we do.  During our contemporary class we have improv days and we get to practice.

When do you find out about auditions?

Ryan: I usually find out the day before.

Did you have to miss school and dance class to shoot the commercial?

Ryan: Yes, but on set they have a tutor and we are required to have three hours of tutoring.  If I miss a class at the studio, I am required to make it up.  Miss Megan has been so supportive.

How do you balance being on a dance team and auditioning?

Mom:  We put our team first.  We let the agents know all of our competition and recital dates so they don’t call us for auditions on those days.  Jim and Lyndsay have been very understanding of his schedule.

How did participating in Bonnie’s Story’s Music Video Workshop help you prepare for working on a commercial?

Ryan: It taught me how it would work on a set and what to expect.  I learned how to take direction and apply it immediately.  If I didn’t do the music video workshop, I probably would not have been as comfortable on the set.

How does mom feel about your budding career?

Ryan: She says it’s a lot of driving!!!

Mom: Let me tell you, it’s a lot of miles.  It takes seven hours to drive from Tucson to Los Angeles one way.  If he didn’t love it, I wouldn’t put up with it.  But he really does love it.  He would do it even if he wasn’t getting paid.  The money is the icing on the cake!!!


Congratulations to Ryan Sadowsky and to all of his family and teachers at Danswest for a job well done raising a well rounded and mature young dancer. We are so proud of this young man. Keep up the great work!

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