Bill Bohl and Kimberly Lyon started Hollywood Connection 16 years ago with a mission. Bring passion back into convention classes, educate dancers on the commercial dance industry, and help guide dancers to a successful career in the professional world of dance. NO EGO. NO DRAMA. JUST DANCE. HOW IT SHOULD BE!


Whether a student dances for fun, or wants to pursue a career in dance, Hollywood Connection teaches students that risk taking is a good thing!  Students are guided out of the comfort zone technically, creatively and emotionally and encouraged to GO FOR IT. Our approach is that every dancer matters, and we strive to bring out the best in everyone.  The Hollywood Connection faculty have a passion for teaching, training and education. They create a connection with students on many levels and provide a safe space for learning, and dancers leave feeling inspired.


Competition is an amazing tool to teach dancers discipline and the importance of team work. Our judges offer incredible feedback for each performance.  Hollywood Connection loves all of styles of dance, and teams are rewarded for technique, showmanship and choreography but also the ability to tell a story and entertain an audience.

Dance with us!

We make it Happen!