BECCA RETTER is a multi-talented dancer, teacher and choreographer. She is an expert at the Al Gilbert Tap Technique and the nation’s leader in pre-school material for your dance studio. She is known for creating the most usable, age-appropriate music and choreography for dance studios through MusicWorks Unlimited. She currently teaches for DanceMakers full tour and has also taught for Dupree Dance Expos, Dance Masters of America (DMA), and Dance Educators of America (DEA). Most recently, she has taught at Rhee Gold’s Dance Life Teacher Conference, Summer 2015.

Becca lives with her husband, Thommie, in NYC where they teach and produce Broadway workshops through their company, Retter Entertainment. Previously she taught for Retter’s Academy of Dance from 1995-2008 and was also co-director of their Pre-School Department, known as The Starlet Academy. Becca has danced on MTV and internationally in Canada, Denmark, Guatemala and Russia. Her love and enthusiasm for dance make her a favorite among students and teachers and she always enjoys sharing her talents.

Becca Retter

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